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Community Effort to Uplift Tamil Schools

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Mar 03, 2021

Community Effort to Uplift Tamil Schools

DHRRA Malaysia has been working togather with SJK(T) Ladang Sin Wah for the past 5 to 6 years for the development of the school and to enhance the quality education.  According to Mr Saravanan, as a part of continuous effort to uplift the Tamil schools and its communities, DHRRA Malaysia seeks to create financially independent Tamil schools

Hence, DHRRA Malaysia reached out to 29 SJK (T) Ladang Sin Wah’s 2009 UPSR students in March 2010. These school leavers were urged to contribute to their school in any means including volunteerism or cash donation. To start of this initiative, these student contributed RM10 each to the school in an attempt to acknowledge and recognize the school’s role in being a stepping stone towards achieving success.

The event saw parents who were also ex-student of this school coming forward to play their part in contributing back to the school. Moreover, it is inspiring to note 2 ex-students of the school are now teaching there, wanting to do their part for their alma mater.

DHRRA Malaysia wishes to further reach out to ex-students of Tamil schools in Malaysia and individuals who have the desire to contribute towards the development of Tamil schools in an effort to uplift Tamil schools in Malaysia.

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