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No More Stateless – Madhuvita

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Mar 04, 2021

No More Stateless – Madhuvita

25 October, 2018 is the day we can finally call our not so little Madhuvita NO MORE Stateless but a PROUD MALAYSIAN. Her journey started almost from the year she was born until her last NRD rejection 5 years back. The court case has been going on from the last 2 years. We can easily recognise her dissapointment everytime the case got postponed and barely a smile NOT KNOWING whats going on at her age.

On this day, Madhuvita’s smile is widest among everyone we know. Our pro bono lawyer for this case Ms. Ranee Sreedharan, you deserve all our acknowledgement we could offer you. Our other lawyers team who suppprted each other and stepped in very last minute we thank you wholeheartedly. To mention a few – Mr. Mohan Sankaran , Ms. Nurainie , Mr.Kc Hue and many other.

UN agencies, thank you for being our source of technical resources & our dictionary of best practises.

Every cases we have came across is worth the fight, we hope to continue giving out best. Pro Bono folks please do contact us.

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