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DHRRA submitted Policy Recommendation to Government of Malaysia

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Mar 04, 2021

DHRRA submitted Policy Recommendation to Government of Malaysia

The recommendations set out above offer realistic and practical solutions within the current legal framework to resolve the citizenship status of “Stateless Malaysians” amongst the Indian Community & other races in West Malaysia. If adopted and implemented these could help all eligible members of the community realize their legal identity as Malaysian citizens and facilitate their sustainable and inclusive development, ensuring that they are not left behind in Malaysia’s continued development. DHRRA would welcome the opportunity to work with relevant Government to implement these recommendations. Following to address legal documentation issue and statelessness, DHRRA propose the following mechanism to address the documentation issue at its core and contribute to the eradication of statelessness among Malaysian Indian Community in Malaysia. Based on the on-going experience and understanding of the gaps and needs of Malaysian Indian Community: i) Mapping & Identification in other states (except: Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Kedah) -Preferably to conduct door to door exercise as many pre independence cases don’t turn up during roadshows ii) Assistance in Registration – The registered individuals are guided in submitting application to NRD with consideration of procedural recommendation stated above. iii) Awareness – Dissemination of information is important to ensure the value of birth registration and identity documents are well known by the members of the Malaysian Indian Community. Moreover, by continuous discussion on this matter, more people will come forward to address their documentation challenges and reduce the risk of statelessness.

In addition to statelesness community West Malaysia, DHRRA continues to offer its expertise to East Malaysia with its mixed migrational context and its own challenges in accordance to Sabah local Ordinance.

Copy of the policy recommendation can be obtained here.

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