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Thirst for Affection

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Mar 03, 2021

Thirst for Affection

Manisha is the eldest child in the family. She is 17 years old. She has a younger sister who is still schooling, Shweta. Manisha was brought to the centre for counseling session by her parents. They are unhappy since they found out that Manisha has a boyfriend. Fear that their daughter might go beyond than just being a friend to him crept in. When they told her not to have any contacts with him, Manisha stated that she loves him and would not leave him. Beatings by her parents did not stop her from keeping in touch with the guy.

During the counseling session at DHRRA, Manisha broke down while expressing her love for him. While talking of her family, she said that it is frustrating when she and her sister are not treated equally by her mother. According to Manisha, her mother prioritizes her younger sister most of the time. If a given task has not been completed by Manisha, she would get scolding whereas if Shweta does the same, not only there will be no scolding but it is Manisha who has to complete the task for her sister. Shweta enjoys the showers of attention from the mother. Sadly, Manisha said that her mother hardly sits and talks to her. On the other hand, her father is rarely at home as he comes home late at night most of the time and thus not aware of what happens at home. Things appear to be okay at home when the father is around – only if there are no quarrels between father and mother.

Manisha said that she has many times requested her mother to sit and discuss about the misunderstandings which frequently occur between them. However, her mother would always say that there is nothing to talk about and avoid the discussion. The only love and attention she received was from her grandmother her dearest friend. Her grandmother who has always been supportive to her is now ill, bedridden and unable to talk.

Manisha met Siva when she attended relative’s wedding in Johor. Siva is a distant relative of Manisha’s family. During the wedding, they exchanged the phone number and have been in contact since. According to Manisha, Siva has completed his Diploma in Hair Styling and is currently looking for a job. She likes Siva because she feels that she can express her feelings to him. Whenever Manisha is upset, Siva cheers her up. She feels much attached to Siva.
During the counseling session, the counselor explored the feelings Manisha has for Siva.

Manisha also was given an opportunity to talk about her life goals. The counselor stressed on the importance education and career. Manisha was guided in making the best decision for her future. The counselor also spoke to the parents to help them to create a supporting environment for Manisha at home.

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