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Regaining Her Life

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Mar 04, 2021

Regaining Her Life

Lily’s childhood was filled with happiness and joy. Since she was the only daughter, her parents took care of her like a princess. She had the best teenage life until one day the 15 -years –old girl’s dream family was shattered into pieces. Her parents got into big arguments and Lily’s father decided to leave the family. Since then Lily’s mother had to work day and night to make ends meet. She was busy trying to do her best for Lily but she was not able to be by her side. Lily was alone; she felt her life is incomplete without the presence of dad.
Since Lily’s mother was over 55, she was not able to do hard work and decided to be a caretaker for a cancer patient. Lily was forced to live separately from her mother since her mother was still saving up money to buy a house. At the age of 20, Lily was living alone in a room doing various jobs for her living. That was when Lily met with a bunch of people who she thought were her best friends. Little did she know they influenced her to take drugs. They convinced her that taking drugs could ease her sorrows and Lily decided to try. Three years later, Lily fell in love with Joel. Joel is also a drug addict. Lily’s life was into drugs. She even quit her job and would just stay at home and take drugs. She even stopped contacting her mother.
Lily’s mother was worried and decided to pay a visit to Lily’s room. She was shocked to see Lily’s state as she was very thin, her room was so messy and dirty and she was looking unhygienic. As she was cleaning Lily’s room, she found few a needles and some drugs. At first Lily denied that she was taking drugs but she admits herself later on. Her mother was so worried for her, even more she was helpless as they don’t have a house to stay together. Lily promised her mother that she would stop using drugs but the promise was broken a few weeks later.
Lily often fights with her mother. Once she even cut her wrist several times. Her behaviour was becoming more violent. Lily’s mother was helpless and that was when she heard about DHRRA Malaysia. She immediately contacted DHRRA Malaysia. Appointment with the counsellor was made. After a few counselling sessions, Lily agreed to quit drugs with professional help. DHRRA Malaysia’s counselor then recommended Lily to join the rehab program in a Rehabilitation Centre.

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