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A Mother’s Struggle

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Mar 04, 2021

A Mother’s Struggle

Ratha, a mother of two is currently going through pressure as she strives to save her marriage life and also her 10 years old son who currently need lots of attention. After marriage Ratha was living a happy life and she was satisfied with it. Little does she know, her husband’s company is undergoing retrenchment so he lost his job. With the frustration that he lost his job, Ratha’s husband started to behave violently towards her. He became very abusive and sometimes return home completely drunk.
Ratha’s 10 years old son has been observing his father’s behavior silently. In school, he mimics what his father does and hit other student. At times he also uses vulgar words. His school teacher couldn’t discipline his behavior and calls Ratha. Ratha tries to talk to her son but he ignores his mother’s advice.
A few weeks later, Ratha’s son wanted to talk to her. He said that he began to feel weird about himself. He also said that he is unable to sit quietly for 10 minutes in classroom, he feels very restless. Although he is 10 years old but he is unable to eat by his own, bath or do things by his own. Ratha was even worried after listening this from her son. She then immediately contacted USJ Hospital and arranged for an appointment with the counselor. After a few sessions with counsellor Ratha began to see some good changes in her son. As Ratha is working in Kajang, she is unable to bring her son for counselling session during her working hours. She contacted DHRRA Malaysia to help her to arrange the counselling session during weekends or somewhere nearby Kajang. She also requested us to recommend a job for her husband.

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