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Mar 04, 2021


There are at least 10 million people worldwide who are stateless. They are without a nationality of any country, and deprived all rights and benefits nationality has to offer. Kavita is one of them.

“My favourite hobby is to draw. My ambition is to become an art teacher. I have applied for college many times, I have lost hope in ever getting to further my studies. And that is why I have ended up working in the grocery shop…for now.” Kavita, 22, was born and raised in Malaysia. She lacks a nationality because her father passed away and her mother left her.

Kavita is one of the 10,052 stateless persons  who have registered with DHRRA during the ongoing registration exercise in West Malaysia. It is estimated that when the mapping is completed by the end of 2015, a total of approximately 13,000 stateless people would have their personal details recorded by DHRRA.  DHRRA’s paralegals have helped over 4,500 registered applicants to make applications with local Nation- al Registration Department (JPN) offices already providing assistance to expedite the consideration of some cases. Over 300 of these applicants have acquired documenation. Kavita was registered with DHRRA at the beginning of this year. Her application is among the 4,500 applications that have been submitted to the government of Malaysia, as the country makes huge strides in resolving statelessness.  DHRRA works hand in  hand with  the Prime Minister’s  Office and   National Registration Department in achieving this.

UNHCR’s report  “I  am  Here, I  Belong: the Urgent Need to End Childhood Statelessness “ published on 03 November for the first anniversary of #IBelong Campaign to End Statelessness by 2024. CLICK HERE

Building Resilient Communities