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Mar 03, 2021

Better World Children’s Club

Malaysian Better World Children’s Club was formed in 2005 to gather children around specific geographical locations to raise environmental awareness of children in the community by bringing them closer to nature. We believe that the “Best protection is Self-Protection” and therefore children should be taught and molded to protect themselves as well as to take actions to improve the quality of their life.

Projects organized by the club are primarily to create and strengthen the relationship between the children and environment so that they will not indulge in activities which destroy nature and the environment. Excursions and field trips will offer them the opportunity to learn about the environmental problems within their area. Seeing and experiencing this contrast, learning about environmental problems of the area, will help the children better understand the importance of preserving and protecting the nature of their homeland. More importantly, the children will have the chance to give their share for better environment by indulging themselves in environmental friendly programs such as planting trees around their neighborhood and recycling activities.

However in 2010, the Malaysian Better World Children’s club ventured into science base activities. It started with Science Fair for Young Children collaborating with few other NGO’s. This Science Fair focuses on students from Tamils schools in Malaysia. The Science Fairs are ideal for developing an interest in science by giving students an opportunity to learn a topic or concept in greater depth.

In 2011 DHRRA Malaysia conducted Science Fair for Young Children in the state of Perak, about 5866 students participated.  This year DHRRA Malaysia is organizing Science Fair for Young Children in Selangor, Wilayah and Perak. We hope to reach out to more students in coming years.

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