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All Smiles…for MyKad!

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Mar 03, 2021

All Smiles…for MyKad!

Lingeswaran has a birth certificate. It is green – which means he is a citizen of Malaysia. One may think that he would not be facing any legal documents issue. However, for the past three years, he has been without an Identity Card.

At the age of 12, when every child in Malaysia is required to apply for Identity Card, Lingeswaran did not do so. The reason being – his parents are missing. Uncertain and afraid, nothing was done to address the matter.

DHRRA Malaysia’s Manjung Team came across Logeswaran during their mapping exercise. After looking at the scenario, DHRRA’s team informed Lingeswaran and his family the procedure for late registration of identity card. The team members assisted the family to submit the application for identity card with proper documentation. Now, Lingeswaran is proud to finally have his MyKad.

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