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Mapping & Registration of Undocumented Malaysian Indians

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Mar 03, 2021

Mapping & Registration of Undocumented Malaysian Indians

As Malaysia thrive towards inclusive development and progress, there is still a part of our Indian population who are without proper identification document such as birth certificate and identification card. This includes people who are born in Malaysia and yet hold Permanent Resident status. Moreover, the recent election saw many parties throwing unwarranted figures of undocumented Malaysian Indian, i.e. 300,000 persons.

In addition to our Government’s initiatives, DHRRA Malaysia has been continuously working with all the stakeholders to address the issue. DHRRA’s outreach activities includes assisting individuals and families to obtain identification documents, educating the community through legal literacy talks,  empowering the community leaders, and developing an online system to capture the data.

Recognizing the dire need to understand the depth of this issue, we are now taking one step forward by conducting a mapping and registration exercise to gauge the number of Malaysian Indians who do not have proper Identification documents. We will work with NRD and other stakeholders to solve these cases and make policiy recommendation for those cases which are not solvalbe through the current system.

To get the ball rolling, we have started a 3 months mapping and registration initiative in Perak with a team of 63 volunteers and 10 DHRRA staffs. The same exercise will be done in other states.

We are calling all Malaysian Indians who do not have proper identification documents to participate in this exercise. We also would like to request all to disseminate this information in order to address this issue at its roots.

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