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Mar 03, 2021

Four Boys, Three Stories and One Aim – Education

Jayanth’s Story

Although born to Malaysians, Jayanth’s birth was not registered due to family issues. Without Birth Certificate, Jayanth was not able to join the other 7 year-olds in starting school. Through DHRRA’s assistance, the birth registration process has been initiated and with proper supporting documents, Jayanth has started his Year 1 primary education in 2014.

Kumar’s Story

Kumar has a birth certificate and yet the grandma, who has been caring for him, was unsure of his education due to his non-citizen status. Kumar’s mother was of Indian national. She has left the country after Kumar’s birth without registering her marriage to Kumar’s father, a lorry driver. Approached by Kumar’s family, DHRRA assisted them to enrol Kumar to start his formal education in January 2014 and make applications for Citizen of Malaysia status.

Vicknesh and Varun’s Story

Vicknesh and Varun do not know who their parents are.  They were raised by an elderly couple. Currently they are in the process of being adapted by the elderly couple through NRD procedure. Both of them have been successfully enrolled in Year 1 to begin their primary schooling in 2014.

(above names have been changed due to confidentiality)

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