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Accessories Made of Beads

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Mar 03, 2021

Accessories Made of Beads

DHRRA Malaysia has been organizing various skills training programme for women. They include weaving rattan baskets, weaving mat, fruit basket decoration and making basket using magazines. We also provide Training in Business in order to motivate them to venture into small scale businesses.

Hoping to create more business opportunities and in tune with the market demand, DHRRA identified the art of making beads accessories as a potential income generating skill. Beads accessories are popular across age groups: students, homemakers and professionals. Moreover, accessories such as this are always sought after for festive seasons and daily wear, therefore creating constant demand.  

This skill require focus and patient from the maker as it takes dedication to complete a set of accessories: chain, bracelet, earring & etc. The women are encouraged to be innovative and to monitor the quality of each product in order to win the customer’s trust and interest.

Paired with creativity and hard work, this skill can be used to generate extra income for the household. Moreover, this can raise the self-concept and self-esteem of the women which is important in order to empower them for the growth and development of the family.

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