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Our advocacy builds on the insights generated by our work with STATELESS persons and VULNERABLE communities in semi-urban and rural areas. We know that we can only sustain the impact of our programs, and take that impact to scale, by challenging governments and institutions with power and resources to change their policies and practice.

We influence governments, international institutions and the private sector to help realize affected persons rights and ensure that their voices are heard and respected.

DHRRA works to establish international, regional and national level advocacy through its multidimensional approach towards reducing and ending statelessness

Following are the mechanisms of advocacy engaged by DHRRA:

 Advocate for changes in policy and legislation with policy makers

 Encourage and organize self-Advocacy- where the affected individuals or a group of individuals speak up for themselves

 Defend and safeguard affected individuals’ rights through pro bono litigation & strategic litigation

 Contribution to human rights reports (UPR, CRC, CEDAW) based on the advocacy status at country level

 Collaboration and information sharing between state & civil society actors to create opportunities for collective action



Posted Date : May 25, 2021

Legal Literacy Training in Perak

DHRRA Malaysia conducted a Legal Literacy Training program in Ipoh, Perak from 6th April to 8th April 2021. Co-funded by the European Union, the works

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Posted Date : May 25, 2021

Legal Literacy Training in Selangor

A Legal Literacy Training Program was conducted by DHRRA Malaysia and co-funded by the European Union. The 3-days workshop 30th March 2021 until 1st M

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