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Civil Society Consultation

The Civil Society Consultation, a self-organized meeting before the FAO Asia-Pacific Regional Conference (APRC), was held at e-City Hotel, Subang Jaya, Selangor on 5-6 March 2016.


DHRRA Malaysia and PANGGAU were given the responsibility by AsiaDHRRA to be the CSO Host Working Committee.


More than 50 Civil Society Organisation (CSO) members from Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Mongolia, South Korea, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Australia, Spain, Palestine and Spain were involved in plenary sessions, workshops and drafting of the CSO Statement.


The CSO Statement was later presented at the 33rd Asia Pacific Regional Conference (APRC) on 10 March 2016.


This surely is a new milostone for DHRRA Malaysia in preparing a venue for the CSOs to voice their concerns about matters close to the heart of the grassroot community.


  • Event Date : Apr 14, 2016

  • Posting Date : Mar 04, 2021

Building Resilient Communities