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Roundtable Discussion on Promoting Unity and Tolerance

A roundtable session on “Promoting Tolerance and Human Rights through Inter-cultural Dialogue” was held at Crystal Crown Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Selangor on 19th April 2014 from 10am till 3pm. 26 youths with diverse background from around Selangor participated in this program.

The event began with a Welcoming Speech by Mr Saravanan M. Sinapan, the President of DHRRA Malaysia, representing ERA Consumer Malaysia and DHRRA Malaysia. The session continued with a round of introduction by participants and organizers.  Ms Nanthini Ramalo gave an overview of the project and the expected outcome.

A panel discussion on Unity and Tolerance was held to set the stage for the roundtable session among the participants. The panel members consist of two experienced persons from the field of Education and Law, respectively.

Mr Balasubramaniam Kuppusamy, is an educationist for fifty years and currently a senior lecturer at Department of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR, Kampar Campus). He is also a Senate Member of UTAR.  He has vast experience in social integration from pre-independence period in Malaysia. He has been a part of various initiatives and is a current member Rotary Club of Greentown, Perak Society for promotion Mental Health and also an Ex-member of Education Service Commission.  Mr Bala spoke on the Conceptualization of Unity and Tolerance in Malaysia.

Mr Mohd Redzuan a lawyer/partner at the Law Chamber of Redzuan & Faiezad. He is also with Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semanjung (Coalition of Malay Students in Peninsular Malaysia) and active member of Youth Movement.  Mr Redzuan spoke on the law and race relation in Malaysia.

After the captivating talk by the panel members, the participants were broken into 5 groups. Each group had a moderator to facilitate the discussion. The participants were also encouraged to discuss the local issues. They felt comfortable to articulate their views on the issues which were discussed. The participants expressed their excitement to continue with the next phase of the project.

  • Event Date : Apr 29, 2014

  • Posting Date : Mar 04, 2021

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