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Development of Human Resources for Rural Areas (DHRRA) Malaysia is a voluntary non-profit and non-political organization registered in 2006 under the Societies Act of Malaysia 1966. Our journey of building better communities began with the formation of MasDHRRA as an affiliate of Asia-DHRRA (http://www.asiadhrra.org/) in 1974. The journey continued with the establishment of DHRRA Network Malaysia (1999-2005), which focused on building a strong and self-reliant rural community through poverty alleviation and people’s empowerment initiatives. Guided by the vision of vulnerable communities who are self-reliant and empowered to exercise their individual and collective rights, DHRRA Malaysia, as we are known now, took over the lead in continuing the community development initiative in 2006 and have since initiated numerous programs with the communities, especially women and youths in rural areas, to support greater self-sufficiency and economic sustainability.

Over the years, apart from addressing social needs and self-reliance of rural communities DHRRA Malaysia has also included to contribute towards larger goal of poverty eradication within the nation among vulnerable persons. DHRRA Malaysia aims to ensure sustained improvement of the quality of life of the vulnerable population through various combinations of efforts geared to the uplift the communities we work with. In short, we provide social protection of varied stages for community members who are in need. We believe a nation’s progress depends profoundly on the knowledge, skills and competencies of its people.

In line with our quest to build empowered and resilient community, our objectives will be in the following areas:

  • 1. Strengthen social protection and rights-based approaches to empower vulnerable members of communities in target to become self-reliant.

    2. Improve standard of living and livelihoods of vulnerable communities below the poverty line and post-disaster communities.

    3. Develop stronger community leaders, grassroot and rural people organizations to come together based on shared identity and needs for strategic advocacy.

    4. To create, lead and grow social enterprise initiatives as a form of reliable mechanism of tackling social issuesuand building organization sustainability.

  • The fundamental method to ensure effective community development is the direct service approach – addressing the community issues at grassroots level. Thereby, our activities to empower the community are shaped by problem solving, skills training and dissemination of information.

    Over the years, we have not only evolved as an organization, but have strengthened our position as an effective advocate for rural community development and needs in Malaysia. Our role is not limited to uplifting vulnerable communities at the national level. Recognizing the need for a holistic and widespread approach in addressing the issues and the development needs of the communities, we are actively engaged at the regional level in advocating and promoting the rights of vulnerable communities through our affiliation with Asia Partnership for the Development of Human Resources in Rural (Asia DHRRA) and cause based networks.

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