Science Fair For Young Children (SFYC) aims to instill fresh curiosity in Science and rekindle of those who already have it. The unique design of the science fair exposes students to various paths to excel in the competitive field of science. It is aimed to spread the Science culture, which requires interest, creativity and imagination without any boundary.

The Science Fair is carefully designed to ensure that competition does not always mean people battling out to see who is the first or the “best” but it is about self-competition. Self-competition is a great motivator. SFYC believes that by providing necessary opportunity for healthy competition allows for the development of self.

The Fair is also a platform to showcase the product of teamwork, by presenting chosen science projects by each group of students. By working together to achieve something, one learns to accept that everyone has identifiable dimensions of strengths and weaknesses in which act of tolerance and respects plays most vital role. This altogether improves the students’ communication skills, socializing skills and all-round ability ti understand and work with other people.

Science Fair for Young Children visualizes to discover the young scientists and future innovators by providing consistent coaching and support to ensure someday the become the leaders of tomorrow.