Voice of Hope

Helplessness almost made her take her own life. Now, after speaking to DHRRA Malaysia, she looks forward to a happy life with her family.
It all began six years ago- just eight days after Rani tied the knot. Her husband, Ramesh, went out and did not return until the next day. The young bride was worried and tried contacting her husband by phone.
After numerous attempts, Ramesh casually answered the call and told Rani that he was having a good time in a pub with friends.
Since then, Ramesh has been frequenting pubs with his friends every weekend. He only returns home the next morning, completely drunk.
Things did not change even after the first child arrived. The son is 5 years old now, and Rani is 7 months pregnant with her second child.
Rani’s hope to see her husband was dashed. She felt so helpless, but tried not to tell her in-laws about what was happening, they eventually came to know and tried to put some sense into their son’s head. But Ramesh was too stubborn to take advice from anyone.
Rani has gestational diabetic and has to go to the hospital for regular checkups. Ramesh has never once accompanied his wife.
Rani’s mother not only takes her to the hospital, but also supports Rani and her grandson with their daily needs. But with four other children under her care, the mother couldn’t do much for her eldest daughter.
All these issues sent Rani into a state of depression. She almost lost hope in life. Luckily, she reached out to DHRRA Malaysia.
“I would never leave my husband and my children, I want a happy family; a happy life. Please speak to my husband personally, and invite him to attend a counselling session,” Rani requested with a voice full of hope.

DHRRA Malaysia (Community Call Centre) 03-78657271/03-78653371