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Build the Identity for Stronger Community

With a decade over experience of DHRRA Malaysia in doing community services, we are convinced that the key strategy in fruitfully working with and supporting communities is through programs that build and respects the values associated to culture and social beliefs

There is no better place to pitch Unity and Oneness between different communities by bringing together people with similar decedents ,value and believes. These are the places where the people unite to come together and support each other in health, happiness and success.

The programs DHRRA Malaysia has incorporated under this flagship includes preservation of Language, Cultural and Heritage of various communities in Malaysia (e.g. Souvenir book to commemorate 200 years of Tamil Teaching in Malaysia, Project Memartabatkan Bahasa Malaysia, Projek Unity and etc.)

Through these programs, we hope to continue Building Better Communities by bringing together, working with and supporting communities of different grounds. We see this platform as a opportunity to help individuals and communities tackle real issues in their lives through community action and community-based learning.