“A good husband makes a good wife”. Sandhya started her life with Akash with full of hope. A year later they were gifted with a son. Life was even exciting for Sandhya. 12 years later, Sandhya’s dreams were shattered.
The person whom she thought would travel with her for the rest of her life had given up in this relationship. Akash began to behave very weird and didn’t bother about Sandhya and their son. He always threatens her that he would be filing divorce but he hasn’t done so. Sandhya faces a lot of mental pressure from Akash.
Finally Sandhya has decided that she will not depend her life with Akash. She is not aware about the divorce procedure. She was very confused and was not sure about her next step. Luckily she reached out to DHRRA Malaysia. Our counselor then gets all the necessary details from Sandhya. After a few counselling session with the counsellor, Sandhya was confident with her decision. Appointment with a lawyer was fixed. Sandhya was given advice on the divorce procedure. She does not wish Akash’s name be involved in any housing documents.
With DHRRA Malaysia’s help Sandhya has gained confidence. Her only wish now is to give the best for her beloved son.
DHRRA Malaysia (Community Call Centre)