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Red to Green – An Excited Six Years Old!

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Mar 04, 2021

Red to Green – An Excited Six Years Old!

At the age of six, Shalini didn’t understand why she couldn’t go to school the next year.  Her excitement to wear school uniform and carry a school bag to school like other kids has always been dampened by her family.  A parent of two, her father was saddened that Shalini is not able to go through a normal childhood like other kids of her age.  Moreover, Shalini’s medical cost has always been high to bear.

Shalini’s mother left her at birth, resulting in a red birth certificate which says “bukan warganegara”.  Despite being born to Malaysian parents in Perak, Shalini didn’t obtain her citizenship as the parents’ marriage was not registered. Raising Shalini since birth, being a single parent, the higher medical cost and an uncertain future for his daughter has always been overwhelming.

However, everything changed when he came across DHRRA’s Projek Mendaftar Anak Malaysia in Perak recently. With the guidance of DHRRA’s officer, Shalini’s maternal grandmother was located to assist in the application process with NRD. Now, Shalini is a proud 6 years old Malaysian. Her father is extremely relieved that he is now able to provide Shalini with the education that she deserves and meet any medical needs without straining his pocket.

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