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DHRRA Malaysia’s focal point Ms. Maalini Ramalo, Project Coordinator for the project ReCoERDO attended the Learning Visit in Europe of Southeast Asian Civil Society and Rural Development Leaders and Practitioners which was held on May 2-10, 2017. In attendance on behalf of Malaysian Government agency;  Mr. Mohd Faizal Mohd Jakir, Director for Planning & Evaluation Division representing Farmers Organization Authority/ Lembaga Pertubuhan Peladang.

This activity is under the Regional Cooperation to Empower Rural Development Organizations (ReCoERDO) project of AsiaDHRRA, a four-year development cooperation with European Union support. The Collectif Strategies Alimentaires (CSA), a strategic NGO partner in Belgium and fellow agriagency member in the AgriCord alliance, will host it. In 2017, the EU-ASEAN Cooperation celebrates its 40th Anniversary. As an EU cooperation, this initiative becomes our fitting contribution to the growing understanding between ASEAN and EU and among their people, organizations.

The learning visit was intended to achieve, among others, the following objectives:
1. To exchange with EU decision makers and stakeholders on the EU – Southeast Asian
development cooperation priorities and to understand how to effectively engage the
European Commission at different levels;
2. To strengthen relations with European civil society organizations concerned with development policy and cooperation; to understand the organization of European
cooperatives at different levels and their political and economic agenda and development;
3. To explore potential European programs supporting collaboration between Asian and
European FOs or cooperatives in the areas of agricultural production, processing, and
marketing technology exchange; in particular to understand and appreciate innovations
regarding territorial rural development, with the strong role of agri-cooperatives.