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A regional program for rural peoples of Asia called, Regional Cooperation to Empower Rural Development Organizations in Asia or ReCoERDO-Asia was launched in June 2016. ReCoERDO-Asia is a regional program that aims to contribute to the improvement of the socio-economic well-being of members of rural people’s organization in Southeast Asia through strengthened capacity of CSOs in responding to rural development issues.

DHRRA Malaysia and several other local Malaysian civil society representative attended the 2nd Regional Training Workshop On Financial Sustainability : Social Enterprise and Project Development conducted in Cebu, Philippines.

One of the needs identified during the previous training needs analysis’ was related to financial sustainability of the DHRRAs. This need is all the more present at the level of partner FOs who also have the burden of mobilizing resources for their own needs. It refers to the capacity of our organizations to generate the necessary resources to pursue development missions. To respond to this need, the regional capacity building activity in Cebu was organised to have sessions related to:

1) Social Enterprises as mechanism for Financial Sustainability; and

2) Improving capacity for Project Development and Proposal Writing for better access to development funding (grants or loans).