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We extend our hands to help individuals to deal with the legal issues. Due to various reason, individuals and their families risk becoming entangled in legal issues. The lack of knowledge worsens their struggle. The impact of legal struggle can become pervasive as it will lead them to live in fear with the loss of one’s peace of mind and the families as well. DHRRA Malaysia seeks to empower them to assert their legal rights to ensure wellbeing of self and family.

Community members are able to seek free legal advice through our Community Call Center, referrals, outreach program via mobile community unit, media and online request. We have a team of qualified multilingual lawyers; English, Tamil & Bahasa Malaysia. These experts provide the legal advice through face-to-face session, tele-conversation, call-back ,online session  and group-counseling as per the seekers’ convenience. The issues include divorce, contract, employment and accident claims SOCSO, housing, finance and etc. Our experts also provide follow-up-assistance make necessary referrals on case to case basis.

We also conduct talks to raise the awareness of the community on legal issues order to equip them with knowledge and skills to overcome it. By assisting one to address the legal issue(s), DHRRA hopes to elevate a sense of wellbeing.