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DHRRA Malaysia has been awarded GGP 2013 by the Japanese Government. The financial assistance scheme which is aimed to assist in the implementation of development projects which are designed to meet the diverse need of developing country is sponsoring “The Project for Publishing the Supplementary Booklet for the School Education and Enhancing Educational Activities towards the Underprivileged” by DHRRA.

The Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) is given out to support small but socially important projects at the grassroots level for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and local governments. Since 1989, the Government of Japan has contributed about RM15.2 million to 133 projects in Malaysia. According to H.E. Mr Shigeru Nakamura, Ambassador of Japan, Government of Japan has been actively involved in various aid and development programmes in order to provide a better future for the people and many developing countries. To date, Japan has contributed about RM15.2 million to 133 projects in Malaysia through GGP.

A signing ceremony was held on 27th November 2013, where a total of 4 NGOs, including DHRRA Malaysia were present to receive the GGP grant aid from H.E. Mr Shigeru Nakamura.

This award enables DHRRA to publish Arivan science magazine. The magazine which features Science subject in Tamil and English is distributed for free to all the 523 Tamil Schools in Malaysia. The educational magazine is aimed to empower Tamil School students through Science and Language.

The grant sponsors a PC, printer, camera, through which educational material of high quality can be produced. On the other hand, the video camera and projector will be utilized during school outreach programme which involves interactive scientific activities with the students. Moreover, through this project, DHRRA will publish 5 issues of Arivan with 20,000 magazine printed in each issue.

This project is also under public-private partnership with Gakken – Japanese education and publishing company. Gakken will provide complimentary education materials such as scientific toys for DHRRA’ school outreach activities and science competitions and also contribute content for the magazine.

Japan has been supporting Malaysia to achieve inclusive growth and balance development. GGP programme is an excellent scheme due to its flexible and timely support to development projects at the grassroots level.  It seeks to achieve direct impact on the well-being of grassroots communities. DHRRA Malaysia, on behalf of 523 Tamil schools, students, teachers and parents, would like to extend our sincere gratitude for granting us GGP award in order to ensure and enhance social protection of our communities.