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The father has a secure job and is a hardworking man who does a lot of overtime at work. The mother goes to work too. The daughter is a smart girl who has been working and has a great desire to study. The son is an independent young man. They own a house and a flat unit. This is the story of a family which seems a normal middle class family but is currently struggling to make ends meet due to irresponsible behavior of the father.

The daughter is an ambitious girl who understands the value of education. However, she had to put a stop to her education in order to work to pay off her father’s debt. The father had borrowed money from unlicensed money lender or also known as Ah Long. As any Ah Long, they charge a very high interest rate. They do not tolerate delays in payments. On top of that, the father’s ATM withdrawal card and bank book is held by them. He is given only about 25-30% of his monthly pay.

Once the daughter learnt about this, she worked and paid the debt with the help of her mother. She also managed the family’s finance. One would expect for the father to realize his mistakes and become responsible. However, that did not happen. The father has once again found himself in debt with the same Ah long. The family also has to pay the loans taken to purchase their house and the flat unit. On top all of that, the father has used his not one but two credit cards to the limit

One main reason why the father has so much debt is the habit of gambling. Gambling has become an addiction for the father. Although he works hard at his company to earn extra money, all that is channeled to this handicapping pastime. This entire burden has now fallen on the shoulder of the daughter – a smart girl whose dream is to become an educated person. How can she pursue her higher education if the father is not only unable to support the family but keeps increasing the family debt?

Financial management is very important. Gambling is not the manner to spend all the hard earned money. Moreover, if we do have financial crisis, do not seek the fast and easy way out such as Ah Long services as it definitely not going to make things easy at all. It will only increase the problems. If you are not able to figure out a solution, do approach family members or friends who can offer sound advice or do come organizations such as DHRRA Malaysia to seek counseling on financial management. At times, it helps to get an opinion from a third person as we may be blinded by emotion and even overlook things or we may not have enough information to make decisions.