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Badminton Competition in conjunction with Women’s Day 2015

Community Development

In conjunction of International Women’s Day 2015, DHRRA Malaysia joined hands with Destiny Badminton Arena to conduct Badminton Competition. For the second year running, women from varied backgrounds to came together to swing the racquet and make an attempt at winning attractive prizes offered, while having fun. More than 500 viewers came to support the players and celebrate Women’s Day with us.

A total of 216 players participated in the following categories:




Women’s Singles Under 12 years old


22 players

Champion: RM200 + Medal


Runner Up: RM150 + Medal

2nd Runner Up: RM100 + Medal

Women’s Doubles Under 12 years old


9 pairs

Champion: RM200 + Medal


Runner Up: RM150 + Medal

2nd Runner Up: RM100 + Medal

Women’s  Singles Under 15 years old


16 player

Champion: RM200 + Medal


Runner Up: RM150 + Medal

2nd Runner Up: RM100 + Medal

Women’s Singles Open

20 players

Champion: RM400 + Medal


Runner Up: RM250 + Medal

2nd Runner Up: RM150 + Medal

Women’s Doubles Open

20 pairs

Champion: RM500 + Medal


Runner Up: RM300 + Medal

2nd Runner Up: RM200 + Medal

Mixed Doubles Open

50 pairs

Champion: RM500 + Medal


Runner Up: RM300 + Medal

2nd Runner Up: RM200 + Medal



Women have come a long way…through violence, unequal pay, unequal opportunities, oppression, and many more… Women’s Day is observed internationally – to acknowledge women, to recognize their role and contribution.  Hundreds of efforts are taken around the world to remind us of the multidimensional struggle, that women went through and still going through, and promote equality. That’s why the theme for 2015­ International Women’s Day by United Nation is apt – “Empowering Women – Empowering Humanity: Picture It!”

We would like to take this opportunity to, instead of reminding the negatives, celebrate the positive. What do we see around us today? Female prime ministers, astronauts, scholars, academicians, CEOs, sportswomen, women with careers who are at the same time nurturing their families… the list goes on. The courage and determination of these women have to be applauded but this achievement cannot happen without the support of our fellow men. Dear men, the growth of women around you – your daughters, your wife, your relatives, your friends, your colleagues….depends on the enabling environment which you help to create!

Recognizing the need, DHRRA has been providing social protection for women through women’s empowerment for more than a decade. We conduct capacity building programme, income generating programme, legal advice, psychological counselling and many more for free. DHRRA aims to enhance self-awareness and equip living skills among women for them to become empowered, self-reliant, resilient and thus able to take charge of their lives.

In conjunction with Women’s Day, we would like to spread an important message to our sisters. We urge you to look into something which has been neglected for generations – your physical wellbeing. As a caregiver, women make choices all the time for the wellbeing of the family – making informed decisions about the health and development of family members. However, you should also look into your physical wellbeing. It is important to lead a healthy live filled with physical activities. Apart of improving physical health, it is widely known that physical activities – especially sports, has positive affect on emotional wellbeing; it improves mood and helps us to manage depression.

This year’s Badminton Competition was overseen by Mr Thanabalan Arikrishnan, Ex-New Zealand Chief Coach and former Malaysia’s National Player. Attractive prizes were given away today to the winners.

DHRRA believe that women play vital role as an agent of development. By empowering our women today in the importance of physical wellbeing, we are thus able to bring change to the family and the society. To empower the society, we must empower the women in the society.

This event was jointly organized by DHRRA Malaysia, Destiny Club, Destiny Badminton Arena, Premier Institute and Lap Soon. Happy International Women’s Day.

  • Event Date : Mar 14, 2015

  • Posting Date : Mar 04, 2021

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