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DHRRA Malaysia was invited to reach out to the Indian youths of Bidor National Service Camp.  The program was conducted by Mr Saravanan Sinapan and Ms Nanthini Ramalo in the month of February 2010.

National Service was introduced in 2004. The objective of National Service Camp is to enhance patriotism among the youth, enhance unity, instil positive values & morale among the young minds, increase volunteerism and to create a generation of dynamic youths.

Students from all over Malaysia are randomly are choosen to participate in these 3 months camp where the student experience the physical, nation-building, character building and community service building modules.  Students from all walks of life, come together to make new friends and gain new experiences by participating in these empowering activities.

In this program, Mr Saravanan Sinapan, President of DHRRA Malaysia touched the role parents play in their children’s life. He discussed about their values and sacrifices. He created realization among the student on the expenses that their parents have borne in order to bring up them. He also gave opportunity for the students to share the roles and sacrifices of their parents.  He went on to highlight the expectation that parents have in general from their children.

Mr Saravanan also spoke on the lack of seriousness among the youths. This is evident as the students lack in concerns for their higher education pathway despite knowing that the result will be released soon. Many, as can be observed at the National Service Camp itself, do not really know where they are heading towards or what to anticipate. Therefore, Ms Nanthini Ramalo, lead psychological counsellor at DHRRA Malaysia gave a talk on education pathways to address the sense of apathy.

It was a great success to see the present students realizing the sacrifices of their parents and understanding their role and responsibilities towards parents. By the end of the program, students were asking pardon and were willing to change and take on their responsibility as children.  This program served as an eye opener who the students who will be starting a new chapter in their life; pursing higher education and becoming independent.

Furthermore, once the SPM results were announced, many of the students who attended this program during the camp approached DHRRA Malaysia with their parents in order to seek guidance to continue their education. For student who received enough credits, they were guided to pursue diploma and degree pathways. As for student who were managed to obtain passes only or non at all, they were given guidance to take up vocational training pathway.

DHRRA Malaysia is in the midst of promoting such programs in order to reach out to more students.