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5 students from 2 different families were enrolled in a Tamil School due to the kind consideration and empathy of the school’s teachers and administration.  There was only one condition – the parents should register the birth of these children. However, the enthusiasm shown by the parents to obtain the birth certificate slowly declined.  Taking responsibility, the teachers pushed for it but to no avail. Finally, the school had to informed the parents that the students will no longer be able to attend classes unless they produce the birth certificates.

At the fear of losing education opportunity for their children, only then, the parents contacted DHRRA Malaysia to seek help in late birth registration of their children.  After studying the scenario, DHRRA took necessary steps and finally successfully submitted the application to National Registration Department (NRD). With the supporting documents, now the children are able to continue attending school.

Due to the lack of responsibility by the parents the school has to request for proper documents in order to process the admission of the students in the school.

We can overcome this issue if the parents take responsibility to provide the civil identity for their children.  We urge parents not to put the your children’s future in jeopardy by denying them education.