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It was a love marriage. The couple willingly decided to share their lives. However, after marriage their life quickly turned sour as they fought day after day. Despite the tension between them, they gave birth to 2 children as the symbol of their love; a son (age 6) and a daughter (age 4). For the first four years of the marriage, the wife experienced many arguments with the husband, was beaten and even faced financial difficulties. These situations were worsened by the drinking habit of the husband which contributed to the frequency and intensity of their arguments. There were many nights where the husband will return home in the wee hours of the morning.

In the fourth year of marriage, the wife learnt about the husband’s affair and suggested for divorce but the husband was against it. After six years of marriage, as the situation remained the same between them, the wife thought something has to be done. She made up her mind to part with her husband but this time her intention was discouraged by her brother-in-law. When the wife wanted to go ahead with her plan to divorce her husband, the husband used the children to threaten her to stop the procedure.

Few months later, unable to tolerate the relationship, she packed her bags to leave the marriage. Once again, she was stopped by the brother-in-law who urged her to give husband another chance. Things seemed to be better for a while but as she feared – it didn’t last. The husband returned to his drinking habits and there were days where he never returned home.

One day, the wife received a call from a stranger who had heard about her attempts to divorce her husband. The caller mentioned that she had information about her husband’s affair. The wife decided to meet the caller after work. However, when she returned home during break, she didn’t know that her life is about to take a different turning. Once she arrived at home, she found her husband consuming alcohol at home. She became upset and confronted him about the affair. He became angry and denied it. The wife told him to forget the affair and requested for divorce. This made him angrier. He threw chairs at the wife. She immediately called her brother-in-law who came to pick her and the children. The husband, who wasn’t at home when she was leaving came to his brother’s house and forcefully took the children.

Worried about the safety of her children, she went her house to check on them but found the house empty. As she was picking her clothes which was scattered on the floor, her husband entered the house, locking the gate behind him. He took out a Parang and told her that it’s better for her to die if she still insists to divorce him. With those words he started attacking her – chopping her hands. As the wife was losing consciousness, he stopped and opened the gate. His brother, who was trying to open the locked door, entered and rushed her to the hospital. Because of the orderly caused by the husband, the wife has lost her fine motor skills of her both hands. A police report was launched by her mother on the same day. However, the husband has gone missing.

At the time this article was originally written, she was in fear as she had learnt that her husband was on bail. As she received no information regarding the progress of the case is being given, she was very concerned about the safety of the children and herself.